Four Ways to Increase Student Engagement in 2021 (Infographic)

Infographic text:

Coming back from Holiday Break is always a challenge, but in early 2021, it can be even more difficult to keep students engaged. Here are four tips to keep students on track in the new year.

Bust a move

Working in a break with a few activities to help students stay active can help break up the day and get their blood pumping. Something as simple as a 30 second dance break can help boost their mood and get out a little energy.

Have some fun on your virtual platform

Whether it is changing up your background or using together mode, changing up your platform can help things feel fresh and new

Explore a new reality

With modern advancement in VR, you don’t need fancy headsets to bring stories and concepts to life. Tools like FrameVR and virtual museum tours allow your class to explore new worlds while staying safe at home.

Make time to chat

making time to chat and connect as a class can strengthen student’s sense of community and belonging. In a year where we have had to shift the ways we connect, taking the time to talk can make a big difference in the way your students interact.

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