Posted in October 2013

Mobile Learning 101 – BYOD vs. 1:1

If you’ve read anything about mobile learning lately, it’s likely that you’ve encountered one or both of these two concepts: BYOD and 1:1. These terms have been around for a year or two, but here are some definitions for the uninitiated: BYOD In a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or BYOT (Bring Your Own Tech) … Continue reading

Assistive Note Taking Solutions

Front-of-the-class lecture remains the primary method of instruction for both collegiate and K-12 institutions, and consequently note taking during lectures remains essential to student academic success. Note taking can be challenging for any student; studies find that students typically record less than 50% of the key information presented in lecture. Students with disabilities such as … Continue reading

Coming Soon – Common Core Standards

The 2013-2014 school year will offer the public their first look at the implementation of Common Core standards, and the debate about adopting the standards is heating up. Five of the 50 United States have opted out of Common Core assessments, citing multiple reasons including prohibitive costs, a perceived inability to control the curriculum, and … Continue reading

Swivl – The Personal Cameraman for Flipping Classrooms

Introducing the Swivl – a robotic video accessory for mobile devices that records and follows the user’s every move. We’re extremely excited to add Swivl to our mobile learning ecosystem, because video in the classroom is central to the mobile learning experience as a powerful tool for delivering content, sharing information, improving instruction and enhancing … Continue reading