Swivl – The Personal Cameraman for Flipping Classrooms

Introducing the Swivl – a robotic video accessory for mobile devices that records and follows the user’s every move. We’re extremely excited to add Swivl to our mobile learning ecosystem, because video in the classroom is central to the mobile learning experience as a powerful tool for delivering content, sharing information, improving instruction and enhancing collaboration. Swivl makes creating and sharing video in the classroom accessible to everyone. You might recall that we’ve discussed flipping classrooms previously, both in our highlight of flipping classrooms with TechSmith, and in our highlight of Meru Networks’ Flipped Classroom feature in Tech & Learning. Swivl is a great complement to TechSmith products, and fits perfectly into any existing Flipped Classroom program.

Swivl was even recognized in Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New in 2012” list under the gadgets category as a great tool for multi-tasking video chatters, lending the Swivl a credible stamp of approval from a leading tech tastemaker. Check out the video demonstration below:

Looking to learn more about flipping classrooms with Swivl? The fine folks at Swivl have assembled a presentation deck so you can help your customers understand how and when to use the Swivl in the classroom. Find it here and contact your Account Manager if you have any questions!

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