Coming Soon – Common Core Standards

The 2013-2014 school year will offer the public their first look at the implementation of Common Core standards, and the debate about adopting the standards is heating up. Five of the 50 United States have opted out of Common Core assessments, citing multiple reasons including prohibitive costs, a perceived inability to control the curriculum, and discomfort about the level of federal involvement that the Common Core standards will engender. Conversely, proponents are embracing the unified approach to curriculum as an opportunity to raise academic achievement across the board for the United States. Regardless of their position in this debate, your Education customers will be heavily affected by this change. New budgetary demands for Common Core will re-allocate funding to new areas, and the potential bandwidth requirements of online assessments will require a refresh of equipment such as network infrastructure.

This creates a mix of cautions and opportunities for resellers – you may need to fight harder for sales when budgets shrink, but with relevant, timely solutions, your customers will be more likely to have funding for your offerings. For instance, if your customers are looking to upgrade network infrastructure, wireless tech from Meru Networks is tailor-made for Common Core assessments . Read more here:

CC cap
To position yourself as a Common Core expert, we recommend that you read this overview of the Common Core debate from Scholastic Administrator. The article covers the pros and cons of the Common Core standards, the current levels of participation, and the available paths forward. Brush up on Common Core today and contact your DSC Account Manager if you’d like to discuss in depth!

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