Why it is important to incorporate movement into the school day?

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

It’s the new year. Some of you are back to in-person learning while others are still doing remote learning. Even before this crazy pandemic turned everyone’s lives upside down, PE classes and recess were already on the chopping board for many schools across the US. Now you’re coming back to class with these squirrely squirrels that have been cooped up from a pandemic, or they’re coming back from a 2-week break. Both of these are recipes for ultra-cabin fever in your kids. Whether you’re returning to in-person learning or remote learning, now might be a good time to try to introduce some creative time to your day to get everyone back on track.  

Benefits of movement in the classroom: 

  1. It serves as an ice breaker. Movement is one of the best ways for everyone to be put on the same level. What better way to feel comfortable with the people around you (even virtually) than having everyone do some silly moves together?  
  1. It makes kids less fidgety. Sometimes we all need to get our wiggles out. Kids cannot be expected to sit still for 8 hrs a day. You know this and we know this. 
  1. Movement keeps kids focused. Movement has been called the “miracle grow” for the brain. It provides oxygen to the brain which results in better attention span. Back in the day when recess was a thing, some schools would have a recess before school/classes started. Why? Studies have proven that children that were able to run around for at least 15 minutes before class were more focused on school work and it would last 2-4 hours (edutopia.org).  
  1. Movement improved memory. Adding on to keeping kids focused, adding movement to their day improves memory.  





What are some of your favorite ways to work movement into your day? let us know in the comments!

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