Want to start podcasting? Here’s how we did it.

We started a podcast. Here is how we did it, and how schools can too:

Start with your passion

Here at the Douglas Stewart Company, there is nothing we love more than education trends and topics, and a chance to connect with our partners. So, we started a podcast where we get together with the biggest names in ed tech to chat about the latest and greatest in our industry.

Set it up on a platform you love

When starting our podcast, we knew we wanted to use a platform that educators and our partners could easily interact with us on, and one that they could use for free if they decided to start a podcast of their own. After a bit of research, we stumbled upon Anchor, and we haven’t looked back. The platform is easy to use, makes posting a breeze, and is free to use for everyone.

Add some flair

Of course, we like trying new things and having a little fun, so we added images and music to our podcast. While we are lucky enough to have some extremely talented designers to hook us up with branding, we know not everyone has that. While Anchor has free music and images available on the platform, you can also use unsplash and unminus to get additional images and sounds without the headache and fees that come with other licensing options.

Make some noise

Once you have all of your set up ready, it’s time to record your podcast. For “What’s next in Ed Tech” We call our guests on Microsoft teams and record their audio from there. Our host records using a blue microphone, and when it is safe to travel we will take you with us on our Mevo livestreaming camera.

Share your thoughts with the world (or just a few people)

Once you have your episode recorded, you are ready to go live! We currently post our episodes to Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google play. However, there are a ton of options out there whether you want the whole world to hear you, or just a select few!

Want to learn more about podcasting solutions for the classroom? Reach out to your preferred education reseller or your Douglas Stewart account manager. Be sure to check out “What’s Next in Ed Tech” Streaming every other week anywhere you listen to podcasts.

What's Next in Immersive Learning What's Next in Ed Tech

Join host Daylon as he sits down with Matthew Hodge from the Center for Advanced Reseach and Technology (CART) to discuss how he is using immersive tools like the Virbela platform to engage his classes this year.  Have more questions for Matthew? You can connect with him here:  Email Linkedin  CART  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-douglas-stewart-co/message
  1. What's Next in Immersive Learning
  2. What's Next in Student Safety
  3. What's Next in Student Engagement
  4. What's Next in Virtual Worlds
  5. What's Next in Neurofeedback

What is your favorite podcast? Let us know in the comments.

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