Pro Tips for Virtual Event Success

With in person events being cancelled until at least the start of 2021, many organizations have been turning to virtual events in order to still interact with their audience and share meaningful connection. In July we hosted our own virtual event, and here are the top 4 lessons we learned:

Be open to change

Virtual events are completely different than in person event. While it is tempting to jus convert all of the content from your in person event into a virtual webinar, it tends to be less engaging and leaves people feeling alienated. Instead, find ways to tailor your messages and content hat play to the strengths of a virtual platform.

Schedule accordingly

With most attendees making room in their busy schedule for these events, it is unreasonable to expect them to attend a conference that takes place in large blocks and forces them to clear their schedule. Instead, have sessions that last for a couple hours over the course of a week or two. Also consider having a hum where attendees can go to view content after the session in case they cant attend or want to share with peers. Because of varying schedules and time zones, it may also be helpful to provide content or activities that attendees can interact with on their own time.

Keep it engaging

Something people love about going to events is getting to have meaningful conversations. Anything you can do to allow attendees to be a part of the conversation will help them to feel more involved and included. Whether it is allowing time for Q+A during panels, including polls or other feedback tools, or even just incorporating games or social media will help to keep employees engaged and interacting.

Embrace the “human” elements

At the end of the day, we can all relate to the fact that this is an adjustment. Embracing the learning curve makes learning new platforms less intimidating, and helps attendees feel more connected to one another. Finding ways to laugh and share meaningful or interesting moments helps us bridge the distance that can be felt while we are at home and away from our peers.

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