What is Hybrid Learning?

A full transcription of this infographic can be found below the image.


Looking to learn S’more about Hybrid learning?

As schools start returning, they need a plan that balances online learing with the traditional classroom.

What is Hybrid Learning?

A hybrid learning model has one group of students learning in the classroom, while another group learns from home. Having lesson plans built to incorporate online learning and in person lessons will make transitioning from one to the other easier and can strengthen lessons by leveraging new technology to teach more abstract concepts. 

What do schools need for Hybrid Learning?

Schools will need to invest in hardware for 1:1 deployment initiatives, software for classroom management and IT services, curriculum that can easily transition from use in the classroom to online, and flexible technology that can be leveraged in and out of the classroom.    

Why do schools need to implement distance learning? 

In the aftermath of COVID-19, it is clear schools need to be able to leverage both online and in person lessons effectively or risk the continuity of learning for years to come. By taking action to plan hybrid learning initiatives now, schools ensure future success for students and staff.



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