What Students and Teachers need for the Fully Virtual Classroom

photo of child sitting by the table while looking at the imac

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Teachers and students in the virtual classroom will need tools to help them connect and engage while they are all at home. They may also need additional accessories or training to help best prepare them for the challenges that come with  a fully remote class.

Supplies needed:
Connectivity Software

Connectivity software helps teachers connect with and monitor their class so they can help keep students on track.

Computing Devices & Accessories

everyone will need a computing device as well as a keyboard, mouse, and other tech accessories in order to interact online.
Cameras & Audio

Cameras and audio solutions such as headphones and microphones help keep students connected and engaged

Continuity Learning 

Continuity learning tools make sure that students have access to engaging lessons and their favorite ed tech no matter where they are.

Engaging lesson plans that are aligned with standards are a must as students continue to learn from home. Software programs with built in lessons can help keep students on track and make the most out of instruction time.

Professional Development & Training

As new tools are introduced into the classroom, some educators may need additional support and training to make the most of these new resources and platforms .

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