What will Students and Teachers need for Hybrid Learning?

blog titlesStudents and teachers in the hybrid classroom are adapting to new and changing schedules, new styles of learning and teaching, and very different classroom set ups and expectations. They will need tools to help keep students on track, make learning engaging, and help everyone feel connected whether they are in the classroom or at home.

Supplies needed: 

Cameras & Audio
Cameras and audio solutions help keep everyone connected and engaged, and make students feel like they are in the classroom, even when they aren’t.

Computing Devices & Accessories                                                                                    Everyone will need a computing device as well as a keyboard, mouse, and other tech accessories in order to complete coursework, host and grade lessons, and engage within the class on days they are at home.

Connectivity Software                                                                                                          Connectivity software helps keep students on track by making it clear what tasks they need to complete and allowing their teacher to see where they might need help when they aren’t together in person.

Continuity Learning                                                                                                             Continuity learning tools make sure that students have access to engaging lessons and their favorite ed tech no matter where they are.

Personal Protective Equipment To make sure everyone stays safe from the spread of germs, everyone in the classrooom should have access to things like santizer, masks, barriers, antimicrobial equipment, and any other tools they may need to make sure students and staff stay healthy and protected. Classrooms should follow social distancing guidelines and be disinfected frequently.

What other tools have you seen to help with hybrid learning? Let us know in the comments.

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