What Tools Will Districts Need for Back to School?

blog titles (2)As districts prepare to welcome students, educators, and staff back for another year of learning, there is still a lot of uncertainly about when and if learning will take place in person. In order to reopen their building safely, there are a few tools districts will need to have.

Supplies needed:

Health and Safety

In order to stop the spread of germs and keep students, staff, and their families safe, districts will need to implement protective measures such as temperature screening stations, sanitation tools and supplies, and PPE

Furniture and devices

As students and teachers return to the classroom, it is more important that ever that furniture is easy to disinfect, use space effectively, and support social distancing efforts for device deployments

Cyber Security

With students and staff working outside of the building, traditional cyber security measures aren’t enough to keep sensitive information safe. Districts will need increased cyber security measures to help protect student and staff from malware, hackers, and dangerous websites.

Computing Devices & Accessories

Students and staff will need a reliable and secure computing device as well as a keyboard, mouse, and other tech accessories in order to stay connected.

Connectivity Software 

Connectivity software helps keep students on track by making it clear what tasks they need to complete and allowing their teacher to see where they might need help when they aren’t together in person.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

As students work more independently at home without direct connection to educators and their peers, they need tools that will help them stay connected, teach them valuable skills, and keep them safe.

Professional Development (PD)

With educators being called upon to learn new skills and software quickly, they will likely need some extra support to use them most effectively. Offering professional development will help staff feel more confident and comfortable as they adjust to new ways of doing things.

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