9 Tools Students Need for eLearning Success

With recent school closures and social distancing, schools have begun to implement eLearning to make sure students stay safe and on track. The number of different products related to distance learning can be overwhelming, but the team at Douglas Stewart is here to help. Here is a checklist of items students will need for eLearning success.


elearning checklist

Access to a device 

For schools with 1:1 deployment, many students already have their device at home, or may be able to collect them via drop off or handout. For schools who aren’t part of a 1:1 program, students may have access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone at home. Those who don’t may be able check one out from school or a local library.

Headphones or a headset

Students will likely have their own headphones or access to some they typically would use at school. If not, companies like Avid offer a low-cost and durable solution that are easy to clean and perfect for testing .

Access to power and Wifi

While this may not be a problem for every student, it can be a major barrier to others.  Charter is offering free service at this time to those who may not have access. For those students who may not be in an area of service, schools could consider sending them home with mobile hotspot devices.

Access to power is another potential barrier to some students. While many utility companies have announced that they will be continuing service to all customers during this time, this solution may not help all students. Power banks like Omnicharge can be a great solution for students who may not have consistent access to power at home.

A Charger

For schools who rely on carts or towers to keep their devices powered up, charging may have just gotten a bit more complicated. Power banks are a great solution here too, as they can be used to power up devices from anywhere!

Login Information

Students may not remember their logins, or already have an account with new platforms being used. communicating this information to them on a platform they use regularly will ensure they are set up for success.

Access to an Online Learning Platform

There are several options schools can choose from when looking at online learning platforms. Both Adobe and Google are offering free trials of their programs.

 A Webcam

Most devices will have this installed and ready to use! If not, companies like swivl and mevo offer solutions for students and teachers that can also be used for other projects when students return to the classroom.

A Microphone

just like webcams, most student’s will have access to these things on their device. However, if students do not have microphone access on their devices, they may be able to use one built into their headphones or headset.

A Routine

A really important aspect of the school day is routine. establishing a new normal for teachers and students will help make the transition to eLearning more comfortable and effective.

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