5 Ed Tech Solutions for Distance Learning

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, schools across the globe are turning to distance learning to keep their students on track and safe. On top of regular hand washing and not touching your face, in some areas the CDC has recommended that those who can stay home do. Schools are turning to distance learning to ensure this is possible. While it may seem daunting to restructure classrooms on such short notice, today’s ed tech makes it possible. Here are our top 5 solutions for distance learning.

1.Professional Development

The number one concern teachers have is managing all of the new software that will come with Distance Learning. Companies like Educational Collaborators and Mobile Mind offer professional development and peace of mind as teachers adjust to a new way of doing things.

2. Lesson Broadcasting

This one may seem obvious, but having a reliable solution for broadcasting and recording lessons is vital to the success of distance learning. Swivl live with Zoom is the perfect solution for teachers and students alike. With live streaming and recording capabilities, teachers can present lessons from anywhere. Another great option comes from Mevo.  The Mevo Plus is a small camera that makes editing and live streaming a breeze for beginners and pros alike.

3. White Board Sharing

Recorded lessons are great, but some students need visuals to successfully absorb information. While most cameras will pick up what teachers are writing, it can be hard to read on different screens. Companies like Kaptivo solve that problem by allowing teachers to share their white boards and notes directly with students

4. Classroom monitoring

Without teachers there to ensure students are on task, it can be hard to know what students are up to, and if the sites they visit are safe. GoGuardian allows teachers to monitor what students are doing on their devices and redirect them if they get off task. Plus, GoGuardian alerts relevant professionals if students are showing signs of suicidal ideation or self-harm, meaning schools can still step in to help students who may be in crisis.

5. Presentations

Presentations are a great way to asses student’s understanding of topics and allow them to dive deep on more complex subjects. While presentations may look different in a distance learning environment, they are certainly still possible. WeVideo and Camtasia are  great tools that make recording and editing presentations fun for students and teachers alike.

Check out this fun video from educator Erika Sandstrom created on WeVideo!

For more information on Distance Learning Solutions, reach out to your DSC Account manager.

What solutions do you think schools should adopt for Distance Learning? Let us know in the comments! 




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