How Video is Used in Education

Educators are tailoring their lesson plans to ensure students are developing skills for 21st Century learning—critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. According to eSchool News, audio video and multimedia are areas of focus to help students develop these skills. Media projects, presentations, and online communications can help prepare students for their future career.

student working in computer class

Here are a few ways video is used in education:

  • Group Presentations: By utilizing video for group presentations, students develop collaboration skills and learn how to work with people who are located elsewhere.
  • Report Building: Students practice critical thinking by developing a report of their thought process in a problem-solving activity. By using PowerPoints, Prezis, infographics, and more, students use their creative skills to make eye appealing presentations.
  • Cross-Curricular Projects: By incorporating media into presentation projects that blend subjects, students prepare to work with people who have different skill sets or goals than their own. Students gather information independently then work in a group to compile their findings.
  • Virtual Meetings: With interviews and meetings taking place through video, teachers prepare students for their future careers by having students use video conferencing to work on projects.
  • Video Development: Through video creation, educators teach curricular content and focus on the Four Cs – critical thinking about the content included in the video, communicating for a specific purpose to a target audience, collaboration with others contributing to the video, and creativity in video production.
Source: eSchool News

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