How Augmented Reality Will Transform Education

EdTech is changing the way students are learning and teachers are teaching. Through use of augmented reality, students perform better, are more motivated to learn, engage in materials, and have a more positive attitude. According to an infographic by New Jersey Institute of Technology, dedicated augmented reality devices is expected to reach $659.98 million by 2018.


Here are some emerging classroom applications:

  • Homework Mini-Lessons: When students are struggling with homework, they can scan the page of their homework and a video appears of their teacher helping solve the problem.
  • Book Reviews: When a student finishes a book, they can record themselves giving a brief review of the novel and attach the video to the book. Anyone can scan the cover of the book and access the review.
  • Yearbooks: School yearbooks can be enhanced with video profiles, sports highlights, concert footage, and more.
  • Word Walls: Students can record themselves providing definitions to vocabulary words on a word wall. Peers can use an AR app to make students appear on the screen, telling them the definition.
  • Lab Safety: Educators put images around the lab that activate media when scanned by an AR-enabled device so students can scan the images and learn about the safety procedures and protocols for the lab equipment.
  • Sign Language Flashcards: Vocabulary cards can contain a video to teach students how to sign a word or phrase.

Through augmented reality, educators can transform their teaching methods to help students learn more effectively. Share your thoughts on augmented reality in the comments below.

Source: eSchool News and New Jersey Institute of Technology


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