Six Trends for this School Year

The Journal News, part of USA Today, released an article in early September outlining six trends that will be seen in schools this coming school year.


  1. Virtual Learning- What used to be a static experience is now fully immersive. Students are given the ability to visit far-flung parts of the world or interact with people they normally would not have. Through Skype, Facebook Groups, and e-Portfolios, Professor Catherine Roche’s Business Management class at Rockland Community College will collaborate on assignments and projects with students from Mohammed I University in Morocco. Virtual reality tech are also used for science, history, art, and math
  2. Full STEAM Ahead- Preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet! STEAM education is the best way for teachers to prepare kids for a tech filled future. Schools are beginning to develop STEAM only curriculum for their teachers and are developing more clubs such as robotics clubs for students to be involved in.
  3. Coding, Coding, Coding- Coding is no longer a foreign language of letters, numbers, and symbols reserved for adults with a major in Computer Science. It is becoming native to preK-12 classrooms in a variety of ways, such as robotics, apps, and games. Besides being a way to keep students engaged it also helps them master skills like problem solving and critical thinking. Coding will be finding a more permanent role in all grade levels in the coming years.
  4. Some Schools Get a Later Start- Research surfaced finding that sleep-deprived students are more likely to see negative impacts on their academic performance. Even changing school start times from 7:30 am to 8:15 am can have a great impact on kids in early learning.
  5. Classrooms Undergoing Change- Rather than have rows of desks, teachers are configuring their classrooms into more effective learning spaces by creating groups of desks for an engaging learning experience. Classrooms will also start to feature learning stations, where students can play and use different devices in different areas of the classroom (aka makerspaces).
  6. Building Improvement- Schools are investing big bucks into their buildings in an effort to improve learning experiences for their students. They are adding classrooms and updating outdoor play areas for students.
Source: Lohud

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