What’s Ahead in K-12


Each school year brings about new trends in the K-12 world. EdWeek Market Brief interviewed Ben Davis, a senior market analysis for education, to see what trends we should be on the lookout this school year and beyond. Here are his predictions:

  1. Learning analytics and institutional analytics will be more closely related.
  2. Digital inking and 2-in-1 devices are on the rise. Laptop devices with detachable tablets are increasing in the K-12 mobile personal computing market.
  3. Standalone content for VR isn’t being sold a lot yet but publishers are developing VR experiences.
  4. Coding and robotics products are expected to remain largely extracurricular.
  5. Virtual teaching assistance using artificial intelligence is on the rise.
  6. Student self-evaluation is becoming more popular so students can review their progress and evaluate how they can improve.
  7. Publishers are using content management solutions to link their content offerings together.
  8. Consolidation of student information, school communications, and analytics across administrative side of schools’ technology business.
  9. Social emotional leaning is becoming more important as the “fifth pillar” of the ESSA.
  10. Districts are focusing more on career and technical education.
Source: EdWeek Market Brief

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