5 Core SEL Competencies

New to SEL? This blog covers the 5 Core SEL competencies.


1. Self-awareness

Building self-knowledge about one’s emotions, values, and roles in the community and their impacts on behavior helps students develop healthy relationships.

2. Self-management

Teaching self-management requires teachers to understand student experience and perspective to better support students as they learn to control their emotions and develop agency over their decision-making and goals.

3. Social awareness

This competency is what allows students to understand different perspectives and cultures and to emphasize with others to build an inclusive community.

4. Relationship skills

Establishing and nurturing healthy relationships and learning how to navigate different social and cultural contexts help grow healthy adults and communities.

5. Responsible decision-making

Making sound choices requires students to account for personal safety, empathy for others, honesty, and fairness. Developing critical thinking skills is also essential to successfully analyzing information and facts.








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