[Infographic]  Selecting New EdTech: Do Teachers Have a Voice?

Image of students working on a project based learning assignment and a teacher providing guidance.

As K-12 leadership struggles to retain high-quality teachers, giving educators a voice and choice regarding which EdTech gets adopted is one crucial way to support them.

Infographic on who participates in K-12 edtech choices.

To win back more time for educators to focus on lesson planning or expand what they can get done in a day, K-12 administrators should develop an EdTech selection process that offers a feedback loop. To boost job satisfaction, administrators should aim to keep educators informed and give them a voice. To start, K-12 administrators can create surveys for educators to share tools they’ve discovered that others might find beneficial. Also, when administrators find a promising educational solution, they could have a group of volunteer teachers test run and report back their findings before considering a school-wide or district-wide deployment.

Infographic text:

  • 46% of educators bring digital tools into their classrooms that they’ve discovered themselves.
  • 25% of educators spend about three or more hours per week searching for new teaching tools.
  • 25% of K-12 leadership say they either frequently or sometimes involve educators in their EdTech selections.
  • Only 30% of teachers say that leadership includes them in EdTech decision-making.
  • 44% of teachers share that their main source of new teaching resources was other teachers.
  • Only 18% relied on tools promoted by K-12 administrators.

Sources: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-survey-teachers-who-are-involved-in-choosing-edtech-tools-report-greater-satisfaction-with-district-offerings-301504878.html


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