6 Benefits of Robotics Competitions

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Robotics classes are swiftly growing in popularity as they offer an opportunity to introduce children to the innovative world of STEM. Robotics competitions offer many of the same amazing benefits as well.

What are robotics competitions?

Although there are different types of robotics competitions, many function similarly. Students work on a team to design and build a robot, compete against other student teams, work through problems, and even talk about the process of creating the robot. Ultimately, robotics competitions offer a space for the abilities and characteristics of the student-created robots may be tested and assessed. 

5 Popular Robotics Competitions

  1. Soft Robotics Design Competition – students must construct wearable robotics that assist in human movement and object manipulation.
  2. Robofest – Students design, construct, and program the robots. Any robotics kits are allowed in the construction of robots. Robots can be programmed with any programming language.
  3. VEX Robotics Competition – Students play against each other in a game-based engineering challenge.
  4. FTC and FRC – are both sponsored by FIRST, which incorporates various skills in robotics for the future.

Why Robotics Competitions are Beneficial

1 – Improved analytical and problem-solving skills.

Students who participate in robotics competitions must put abstract concepts into practice. This helps develop their problem-solving skills from a young age. Robotics is a gradual learning process and encourages interest in STEM related fields.

2 – Connection with like-minded students.

Community is important, especially for young students. Not only will robotics inspire a love for science and technology, but competitions offer an opportunity for students to meet other peers who share their passion. Sometimes the best motivation and inspiration comes from collaborating with people who share your interests.

3 – Development of leadership and team-building skills.

Robotics competitions teach students to work as a team to accomplish their goals. For the same reason that team sports are beneficial in teaching students how to work together and recognize different skill sets, robotics develops a team spirit in young people while also stimulating their mind and requiring them to work collectively to solve problems.

4 – Makes science and technology fun and approachable.

Who doesn’t love robots? Children naturally have a fascination with science fiction, fantasy, and imagination. Robotics encourages their imagination to move from dreams to reality. Instead of science simply being seen as textbooks and tests, students will see how it works in the real world in practice.

5 – Learn how to make decisions under pressure and work in conditions similar to the scientific industry.

Although robotics classes offer many of the same benefits, competitions add the element of pressure and time management that students will need in future STEM careers.

6 – Helps students find and interact with role models who inspire and encourage them.

At competitions, students will find the opportunity to be mentored, taught, or speak with adults who are experts in the arena. This inspiration and encouragement is vital in developing in students a love for STEM learning.

Has your class participated in robotics competitions? What benefits have you seen?





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