3 Reasons Educators Should Attend FETC

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For over 40 years, the Future of Education Technology® Conference (FETC), happening January 25 – 28, has connected educators with peers, thought leaders, and EdTech companies to experience innovative ideas and products that they can incorporate into their technology programs. Here are 3 reasons (and there are so many more) for educators to attend.

Expand Your Network

This event is your chance to make connections. Talk to peers and learn about other districts’ technology challenges and what they’ve overcome. Learning best practices from others can help you propel your plans past unforeseen hurdles.Find out what types of EdTech other educators have successfully implemented in their schools, learn what steps they took, and get inspired by their plans. Perhaps you might want to set your tech goals higher in your classroom or school. You may even be surprised by how much you know and can help fellow peers. By adding connections to your network, you’ll be able to reconnect and share insights on future challenges and get guidance as you incorporate new EdTech into your lessons.

You’ll hear from education practitioners who are breaking the mold at their schools and get inspired to evolve your technology strategy, all while earning CEUs.

Don’t miss out on the content-focused theaters to catch the trends that matter the most to your position:

  • Future of Ed Tech Administrator
  • Future of Ed Tech Information Technology
  • Future of Ed Tech Educator
  • Future of Ed Tech Library Media
  • Future of Ed Tech Coach

Learn more about the content-focused theaters.

Once you get inspired and have ideas to expand your students’ learning, you can roam the FETC Expo Hall and speak with practitioners, EdTech experts, and solution providers to start making your ideas and plans a reality.  

Interested in going? FETC has created a justification letter that you can use to convince your boss to let you go. Get your justification letter. Also, stay informed on all things related to FETC on social media with @FETC and #FETCChat.

Bon Voyage!

Are you attending FETC? Share with us in the comments below.

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