Navigating the Digital Human Experience

As the world becomes more and more connected and engaged online, it is important to focus on the digital human experience. What is it? Who builds it? How to we navigate it? What jobs and industries might be created in this new space? In today’s blog we take the first few steps into navigating this experience through an exhibit curated by Matthew Hodge, an Interactive Game Design teacher at CART, an indie game developer, and our guide through this new digital landscape. This exhibit is live on the DSS Education Campus, so if you would like to LITERALLY navigate this interactive exhibit, please visit the Digital Human Experience lab on campus. Otherwise, continue scrolling to learn about Programming, 2D Art Work, 3D Art Work, and Story Telling.


Game Design vs Game Programming

What is the Difference between Game Design and Coding

What is a Game Programmer and How to Become One

Coding in C#

Coding in C# for Beginners

Unity Platform: Gaming

2D Art Work

2D Game Art Styles

2D Game Art Styles: The Ultimate Guide

Understanding Color

GRIS by Nomada Studio

3D Art Work

3D Art with Blender

An Introduction to 3D Art with Blender by Kevin Buddaeus for Medium

Becoming a Game Environment Artist

Everything you need to know to become a Game Environment Artist by Artstation magazine

See the work of CART Alumni Kaleb Nekumanesh, Currently an environment artist for Amazon Games

Visual Scripting with Unity

Unity for Artists and Designers by Unity

Story Telling

The Art of Narrative Design

Video Game Story Telling by Evan Skolnick

Narrative Design in VR

Narrative Design in Virtual Reality by Unity

Simple and Timeless Design tips you can always use by Unity

The Future of Story Boarding

The Future of Story Telling: Blender for Pre-Production

want to see the lab in action? check it out in our DSS Education campus

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