Staying Connected to Students over the Summer

Studies have shown that students who form connections with their teachers and other staff members in their schools can help them perform better and stay engaged in lessons. This school year was certainly a challenging time for educators to build relationships with students they couldnt see in person, but that didnt stop them from finding a way. Here are a few ways teachers stayed in touch with their students this year, and could continue fostering those relationships over the summer.

Take advantages of all the ways to communicate

There are so many different ways and styles of communication. Some students will thrive with a simple message in a chat or private email, while others may like a video call or even just a quick note. Every student will connect with a different form of outreach, and finding the way that works for them will help build the foundation for a strong student-teacher relationship

Tell them about how much you care

Even adults have had a difficult time adapting to the changes and overcoming the challenges of COVID-19. Students can benefit from a reminder that you care, and that you are here to support them. a little bit of connection and personal motivation can go a really long way in helping students feel connected, empowered, and engaged in learning.

Get involved in their passions

Whether it is making time to do yoga as a class or working a reference to the lastest game release into lessons, getting involved with your students’ passions and using them in lessons shows them you care and helps them connect with the material in new ways.

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