Thank You Teachers

Teachers are such an important part of our community and our future. Today we just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the teachers and staff supporting students through these unprecedented times. We are grateful for the ways you have risen to meet every single need of our students while also navigating new technology, changes to learning styles, longer working hours, finding a way to connect with students, and your own personal feelings and challenges in the midst of a global pandemic. You have done it all while remaining supportive and kind. What you have done for our students and our future is a true testament to the strength and dedication of educators. We cannot thank you enough for the ways you have not just survived but thrived in the face of countless challenges.

We recognize that this wasn’t easy, and as we continue to learn more about the impacts this will have on all of us, we remain dedicated to finding and providing resources to support you however we can. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for students. Here at the Douglas Stewart Company, we support and applaud you.

Today we are listening to educator voices and their stories of struggle and triumph. If you have a favorite podcast or story from educators, let us know in the comments! Some of our favorites can be found here:

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