Everything you need to know about UnConferences

Unconferences first started popping up in 1998, and have been a fun and unconventional way of hosting conferences ever sense. While in person unconferences are still on hold, we are excited to be hosting our very own in our Virbela campus starting in May! Before that starts, we thought we would tell you a bit more about what you can expect at an unconference.

Attendees set the Schedule

At an unconference, attendees decide what presentations they want to see, and use sticky notes or other voting tools to decide what sessions will cover and when they will take place.  

Collaboration is a must

Because attendees are the ones who are sharing information and setting the schedule, its important that everyone works together and collaborates. While organizers step in to help, the strength of an unconference comes from the entire group coming together to share knowledge and solutions.

Presentations are attendee driven, short and informal

Some unconferences have rules about how long intros can be, how slide decks must be presented, or even the exact length of presentations. While that isn’t the case for all unconferences, one thing is common across the board- all presentations are attendee lead or driven, short, and informal. No death by Powerpoint or sages on stages here!

Spontaneity is key

Something that makes an unconference so unique and engaging is how spontaneous and freeing the structure is. By not setting a strict schedule or set speakers, organizers leave room for discovery, organic collaboration, and teamwork.

Learn more about our UNconference here.





One thought on “Everything you need to know about UnConferences

  1. I was surprised when I clicked on Virbela Campus, a downloadable file started. Will the idea catch on – Unconferencing. I certainly believe it is creative and a way to create lasting bonds as partners and groups.

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