VirBELA Tips and Tricks

Our world and our education spaces are shifting to accommodate this new normal and it only makes sense that we adapt and adjust. Education events have had to be taken virtually in order to ensure that we are still able to have conversations surrounding education and make connections. Here at The Douglas Stewart Company, we are hosting a virtual event, Education 4.0 on July 22nd and July 23rd, and it isn’t your typical virtual event, we are hosting this event using VirBELA.

VirBELA is virtual reality experience that contains an open campus full of fun, customized avatars. With these avatars you are able to communicate with those around you, shake hands, and have informational and exciting conversations. VirBELA is also able to provide an atmosphere similar to your typical event with booths and speakers.

Participating in an event like this when you are unfamiliar with how it works can be intimidating, but we have some tips to help you navigate VirBELA like a professional.

  1. Controlling your Avatar
  • To move your avatar:

Forward press and hold the W key

Backward press and hold the S key

To turn to the right press and hold the D key

To turn to the left press and hold the A key

  • Get a different view

VirBELA is locked for your avatar to only be able to view forward. By pressing the space bar, your avatar can view the entire campus around them!

  1. Useful Hotkeys

Having your avatar be able to converse with others around you, dance, and clap is one of the biggest perks to using a software like VirBELA. These are a few of the keys you can use to get creative with your avatar!


one key= Push to Talk

shift = Run

enter= Toggle focus to the chat bar

f one = Wave

f two = Cheer

f four= Clap

f seen= Dance


  1. Preparing yourself for a VirBELA Presentation

If you’re presenting in VirBELA at Education 4.0, it can be tough to know how to navigate the situation and be sure your presentation goes smoothly. Before a presentation it is a good idea to bookmark the URLs that you would like to use, so they can be quickly loaded onto a presentation screen. This will create tabs that act as shortcuts to load that URL on any board you encounter.

When you are ready to present, click on the board, click on your first bookmark and your first page will load.

We hope you will join us, educators, resellers, industry experts, and many more at Education 4.0 for an education conference in the fourth industrial revolution. Click this link for more VirBELA tips and to learn more about the event: