Meet the players of Education 4.0

4184_BLVE_email_signature2Ready to meet the players of Education 4.0? If you are interested in learning more about these vendors be sure to visit their booth at the Education 4.0 Virtual event!

Adobe: Creativity for All

Image result for adobe rush gif"Kids today live and breathe technology. Adobe can help you develop media-rich coursework to keep them engaged. But more importantly, Adobe Creative and Document Clouds provide students with first-hand experience using our digital creation tools – giving them practical skills while also developing critical thinking and communication skills. For education suppliers and independent schools, our digital marketing solutions will amplify lead-generation efforts, deliver consistent experiences, and increase conversion.

Adesso: Your input device specialistsAdesso Logo Vector (.EPS) Free Download

Adesso offers the tools you need to keep your students connected and safer from the spread of germs. Whether you are looking for an antimicrobial keyboard or taking your esports team to the next level, adesso has the tools you need.


BlocksCAD: Integrate computer science & computational thinking into your standards-aligned math & technology curriculumForest generated in BlocksCAD


BlocksCAD builds math and computer science skills by using a specialized 3D CAD (computer-aided drafting) software. A block-based coding platform allows students to create and manipulate 3D objects while using geometry and computational thinking skills. BlocksCAD fully supports teachers of any coding ability by providing a comprehensive curriculum with detailed lessons that are standard-aligned. 

BrainCo: Your Brain Controls Everything

Image result for braincoGive new meaning to the phrase “Forward Thinking” with cutting-edge evidence-based cognitive science technology. BrainCo’s wireless headband can detect brain activity (EEG) and measure different brain states such as depth of focus, relaxation and meditation. With applications in fitness, education and wellness, BrainCo is bringing the future to your classroom.

DJI: Let Creativity Fly

telloWith STEAM and robotics becoming increasingly critical elements of a modern education, it is important for students to develop a passion and foundation in these subjects at an early age. As an innovative leader, DJI is working to combine advanced technology and education, making STEAM more relevant and exciting to young people around the world.

Education Associates: Job Ready. Life Ready. 

Education Associates, Inc.Education Associates is the leading provider of career education and practical life skills for all students, including those with special needs and those who are at risk. they offer schools, organizations and educators the most comprehensive career exploration, job preparation and life skills programs available. Their mission is to help all learners enjoy more vibrant, independent lives.


Flashforge: Teaching Future-Ready Skills through 3D Printing

Image result for flashforge 3d printing education"3D printing is reshaping the world in many ways, from accelerating the product design process to providing a cost-effective alternative in the medical devices field. The best way to prepare students for these changes is through early education in 3D printing with FLASHFORGE USA. Through 3D printing, students can expand not only their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking but also their problem-solving skills. Plus, FLASHFORGE now offers standards-aligned curriculum for grades 5-10.

GlowForge: Unlock Creativity

 Bring a Glowforge 3D laser printer to your classroom, library, or makerspace, and unlock next-level creativity with your students. Thousands of teachers and students are using Glowforge to transform handwriting, art, and computer-generated designs into 3D story books, forensic science dioramas, school dance decor, model-scale architectural plans, and even custom musical instruments. Compatible with your school’s existing hardware and software, Glowforge turns student’s ideas into reality at the push of a button.

GoGuardian: Safer Students.Better Learning.GoGuardian Teacher Dashboard

Unify your filtering, classroom management, and school mental health tools into a single suite. GoGuardian’s suite of tools helps you maximize the learning potential of your 1:1 school technology program. Filter and monitor any device and any OS with K-12’s most powerful content filter. Eliminate distractions and connect with students by using K-12’s leading classroom management software. Proactively identify students at risk of suicide and self-harm, with an option of 24/7 escalation.


Lenovo: Maximize Learning Opportunity through Digital Innovationcta image traveling storybook competition

Lenovo understands the challenges school districts face in transforming education with new models of teaching, learning, and collaborating, all while managing cost, efficiency, and security.Our education products and services empower K-12 IT leaders, like you, to lead digital districts with turn-key education-built solutions with, Secure infrastructure, Rugged and reliable student devices, Comprehensive training on the latest classroom management and educational tools.


LocknCharge: Future-Proof Your Classroom

Image result for lockncharge"LocknCharge is dedicated to designing the highest quality security, charging and transport solutions for mobile device deployments. Our vision is to be globally recognized as the most innovative and trusted brand in developing solutions for managing deployments of mobile technology. Our mission is to make life easier for schools and organizations implementing mobile device technology. Securely store, charge and future-proof devices for the classroom with carts, towers and more from LocknCharge.


Makerbot: Everything You Need to be Successful with 3D Printing in the ClassroomReggie Redbirds GIF by Illinois State University

MakerBot is a 3d printing solution desinged for educators. The leading 3D printers in education offer the easiest setup experience with no tinkering required. Standards-aligned lesson plans and the only comprehensive ISTE-certified 10-hour 3D printing and curriculum creation training comes included, making it easier than ever to incorporate 3D printing into your lessons.  


Mimbus: Innovative solutions for vocational training Chicago vocational program to host Augmented Reality training ...

Simulation is the only solution which enables simultaneously to put in practice your students’ skills, reduce your training costs and follow-up your learners’ performances. Vocational training happens through experimentation. Trainees need to practice as many times as possible to acquire the skills needed to perform their jobs.When you choose simulation, you give to your learners a secured and playful learning tool, Reduce your training costs, and Follow-up with precision your trainees’ performances.

Misty Robotics:  Say hello to your next development platformMisty Robot Duo Pack

From a learning perspective Misty II can help students gain knowledge about robots and sophisticated areas of technology like AI and machine learning, computer vision, sensors and more. For those interested in code, Misty II is a platform robot ready for proficient developers to build skills (robot applications). She can also stimulate interest in learning to code in JavaScript, C# and Python.

Mobilemind: The Modern Professional Learning Hub

MobileMind’s modern professional learning hub offers a simple, personalized, and convenient professional learning solution for schools.  In just a few steps, educators will be learning how to transform classrooms using G Suite and other tools, while leaders will have reporting visibility in order to take actionable steps toward improving teaching and learning in their schools.


Moiva Robotics: Robot-Assisted Instruction

image1MOVIA brings a family of friendly robots to the world or children and adults with special needs. Our robots provide instruction in social skills, learning readiness, and academics. Robot-Assisted Instruction is effective for addressing symptoms of autism and increasing children’s success in the classroom. Sessions can be targeted at individuals or groups, allowing teachers and therapists to flexibly organize their time. Robot-Assisted instruction offers a rich opportunity for delivering activities that utilize universal design for learning. Many of the applications fit into the current standards.

National Center for Developmental Education: Investing in a brighter future for all learners Lemonade

​Our members share the conviction that digital equity initiatives should foster significant gains not only  in access to digital tools but also in educational and economic opportunity for low-income learners of all ages, by drawing on best practices from such diverse fields as P12 technology integration, community reinvestment, educational equity, workforce development, and economic development.


NextWaveSTEM: Empowering teachers and students of today with the technologies of tomorrowNextWave STEM


NextWaveSTEM courses in Robotics, 3D Printing, and Drones give students access to the most exciting emerging technologies, opening up new career and life possibilities in a continuously changing world. Students experiment with equipment to explore concepts and to ask questions about how emerging technologies can solve real world problems. Our program develops students’ confidence as they express their creativity and learn how to fail without fear.


Omnicharge: Power wherever you goOmnicharge: Power Anything Anywhere | Indiegogo

Omnicharge provides versatile, high-powered and portable power solutions to keep Students working anywhere without restrictions. Keeping everyone powered & connected is a major challenge for anyone in today’s changing environment. Millions of students and teachers now require flexible power solutions, giving everyone the ability to conect and learn from anywhere.


PlayShifu: Making Classrooms FunSpace Cards For Kids - Playshifu

Engage students in collaborative-learning with hands-on activities that enrich essential skills such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, communication, problem-solving, and more.



PowerGistics: Keep students safer from the spread of germs

PowerGistics is here to make sure you have the tools you need to manage 1:1 deployments while keeping students safer. With options for split deployment, antimicrobial coating, and a cleaning caddy, PowerGistics towers can help you safely manage your devices in the classroom.



Readorium: The Self-guided Learning Supplement to Classroom Learning

Readorium teaches reading comprehension to students in grades 3 through 8 using science text that automatically adapts to each child’s level, as they progress. Kids love the content. They love the games, and they receive a personalized learning experience. Parents and teachers can get as involved as they want with progress reports and supplemental resources.


Image result for spectrum industries"From complete Makerspace design to a single 3D printer cart, Spectrum Industries can MAKERYOURSPACE into the most functional classroom space available. From early childhood development to pre-engineering, Spectrum’s quality-built furniture will take your Makerspace well into the future. Collaboration is key in classrooms full of edtech and our collaborative tables make working together on multiple devices seamless.

TechSmith:A Simple Video and Image Solution for Online LearningRecord anything on your screen.

We help you provide asynchronous learning and create connected, active, and engaging online classes with images and videos. Snagit and Camtasia help you to create content that will help explain complex concepts with visuals, and make the online learning experience more personal.


Veative: Transforming Virtual Reality for Education

Image result for veativeVirtual reality has introduced a paradigm shift in learning. Using Virtual Reality in the classroom allows students to dive deep into subjects and explore concepts that cannot be visualized in the chalk-n-talk method of teaching. Veative’s Content Library includes over 500 interactive and immersive VR modules expertly aligned to national and state standards. Veative’s Learning Management Platform allows teachers to track their students’ progress using formative assessment data and analytics.

VirBELA: Remote, But Together

Abundance Insider: August 9th, 2019Remote learning is a challenge. Students may feel isolated, and classes can lack the sense of community and togetherness they are used to feeling in the classroom. VirBELA provide a  3D environment that gives any online group a way to collaborate and chat in a way that feels more personal than a text chat, and more engaging than a video call.

Wonder Workshop: Bringing Coding to Life Through Robotics for All

Image result for wonder workshop gifAt Wonder Workshop, award-winning Dash & Dot robots pair with easy-to-use, powerful apps, and engaging curricular resources to encourage hands-on play and learning. Make creative problem-solving concrete and tangible for students with these coding and robotics solutions designed specifically for kids ages 6+. Explore a growing library of in-app puzzles, standards-based lesson plans, classroom management tools and annual robot challenges.

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