9 Way to Make a Better Makerspace

Makerspaces are becoming the favorite way to bring STEAM learning to the classroom. Research shows that makerspaces help elementary students develop critical thinking, design thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Research from Macquarie University in Australia shows how teachers can use makerspaces to improve teaching and learning outcomes. Using makerspaces has led to higher student engagement, confidence, and determination to try new approaches. 94% of students said they want to pursue 3D design upon graduation.

Through the research, Macquarie provided districts with the following recommendations for creating makerspaces and supporting the teachers using them.

  • Support schools to ensure makerspaces are effective in helping students develop STEM skills, digital competencies, and 21st-centry skills
  • Encourage teachers to use makerspaces to balance instruction and project-based learning
  • Provide professional development opportunities to help improve teachers’ knowledge of the tools they are using
  • Ensure the professional development opportunities are well-structured with hands-on learning
  • Determine how to handle situations when students are distracted
  • Be sure to provide resources, spaces, and culture to support a makerspace
  • Give teachers enough time to design and implement their makerspace
  • Engage parents and the community when creating a makerspace
  • Look at best practices for makerspace leadership

DSC has a large product line that supports STEAM and makerspace, along with professional development opportunities. Contact your account manager to see what products make sense for your customer and how to start the conversation.

Source: eSchool News

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