Where Tech is Headed in 2019?

The end of the year is upon us and it time to start talking about trends for next year. The IT analyst group at Garner released their top ten tech trends for 2019. While some school districts have started implementing some of these tools, we’d like to highlight what’s ahead for 2019 technology.

Autonomous machines: AI-enabled machines will be more common in 2019. Companies are starting to develop tools that incorporate autonomous machines to teach programing giving students an interactive learning experience.

Augmented analytics: To help improve relationships with students, teachers rely on data analytics. However, some teachers don’t have training in data analytics. Augmented analytics will help these teachers by using AI to help them understand the student’s need.

Digital twins: Teachers can analyze how a student learns and create a personalized learning experience that is more effective.

Empowered edge: Instead of sending information to a cloud, information can be stored locally. AI will diversity the kinds of devices acting as endpoints.

Immersive technology: The use of immersive technology is expected to rise as hardware and software improve. With 5G on the horizon, these tools will continue to grow, eventually supplementing k-12 education.

Smart spaces: Teachers are becoming interested in connected classrooms and modern learning environments. Gartner analysts thinks smart spaces will be a big focus in 2019.

Digital ethics and privacy: With an increase in digital tools, schools will need to focus on teaching responsible technology use and online presence.

Source: EdTech Magazine

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