How to Develop an Email That Get Results

Developing an engaging email to generate leads can take some time. A report from Litmus found that brands spend an average of two weeks brainstorming, writing, designing, coding, testing, and deploying one single email. Agile found that 43 percent of administrators and 41 percent of teachers value email for communicating with education vendors. This means crafting an email carefully can help build brand awareness, increase traffic to your site and increase revenue.

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Here are five steps to help you maximize success with your email marketing.

  1. Build your list. Keep your contact list segmented so you are only sending your messages to the most qualified prospects. A good strategy to use is profiling your existing customers to find similar prospects.
  2. Plan email logistics. Understand your prospects before reaching out so you can cater to their needs. This includes where they check their email, when they open your email, and where they like to read your message.
  3. Refer to the purchasing cycle. You probably know it takes a while for schools and districts to make purchases. Be sure you’re reaching them during their decision-making process and sending the right messages during the phases of the purchasing cycle.
    • Planning: May-June
    • Awareness and Familiarity: August-December
    • Consideration and Trial: January-April
    • Purchase: Summer
  4. Strategize your message. Use the information you’ve learned about where your audience is in the purchasing cycle to create personalized, unique messages for them. If you are unsure what your audience is looking for, send out a survey with a small incentive to build audience personas and learn more about your prospects.
  5. Practice data hygiene. Make sure all personal on your team understand the rules for gathering and maintaining data in your database. Once the email deploys, be sure someone is assigned to opt-outs and hard bounces to ensure these contacts get cleaned up so you’re meeting privacy policies and regulations.
Source: Agile Education Marketing

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