Interest in STEM Careers is Declining for Boys. Now What?

Research found that boys are 12 percent less interested in STEM careers than last year. The main reason young people aren’t pursing STEM careers is because they feel these careers are too hard. So how do we get students interested in STEM?


A good place to start is with the tools used in the classroom. There are a lot of unique educational products to help students learn coding, math, robotics, and more. To learn more about the STEM products The Douglas Stewart Company distributes, contact your account manager.

Using the correct tools is the first step to getting students engaged in STEM. Here are some additional ways to get students interested.

  • Get students out of the classroom. STEM education is about developing new ideas through exploration. Let students see STEM in action by showing them real world scenarios. When they can relate to what they are learning, they are more likely to remember and understand concepts. This will also help them understand the importance of what they are learning.
  • Involve families. Schools typically gather for movie nights and pizza parties. Gearing some of these events towards STEAM activities can help get students and parents more interested.

Have you received feedback from your customers about how they are working to increase interest in STEM careers? Share what you’ve heard in the comments.

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