Reaching Educators on Social Media

Figuring out how to get your message to educators can be difficult. A great place to start is through social media. Educators are very active on social media and turn to social media when making decisions.

Educators are influenced by their peers, making it a big win for you when an educator mentions your product. To help you tailor your efforts across social media, here are five ways you can better connect with educators.

Identify who you are trying to reach

Narrow down your buyer persona so you can target your message to the correct audience. Here are some questions to consider to help identify your target audience.

  • Am I targeting teachers, administrators, parents or students?
  • What type of school am I targeting (i.e. public, private, home school, high school, etc.)?
  • What geographic area am I targeting?
  • Are the students from high or low-income families?

Understand their online presence

Make sure you are reaching your target persona by knowing when and where to reach them. The 2017 Teachers by Consumers report identified what social media teachers used within the last 30 days.

  • 71% used Facebook
  • 35% used Pinterest
  • 44% wanted to purchase something after viewing an online ad

Create content that is shareable

When an educator sees something he or she likes, they will most likely share it with their colleagues. Educators are also more likely to purchase something that was recommended to them by a colleague. To understand what teachers are looking for, browse around on online groups or pages.

Timing matters

When pushing out your messages, make sure you are ahead of teacher buying. Educators typically buy supplies and technology two-three months before they need it. This allows adequate time for the teacher to understand the solution and determine how they will incorporate it.

Get a deeper understanding of your customer

Chat bots are a good way to learn more about educators. Information gathered can be fed back into content planning and help develop buyer personas.

Educators are highly engaged on social media and are loyal to great resources. Make sure the products you’re offering are solving their pain points.

Source: AdWeek

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