How to Get Students Excited about STEM

Science, technology, engineering, and math are important topics for children to learn and essential in today’s culture. Through these fields we can help the environment, transform healthcare, and improve our country’s security. According to the Counsel of Advisors on Science and Technology, there aren’t enough students in STEM undergraduate programs in the U.S. to meet the workforce demands.

We must encourage future generations to peruse STEM careers so they can solve global problems. Here are some tips from eSchool News to help expand science curricula and get students excited about learning.

1. Provide students role models in the industry

Children observe everything and mimic people they look up to. Encourage your customers to reference STEM celebrities and share podcasts and videos to get students excited about STEM.

2. Make science exciting

Share hands on lessons for teachers to use in their classroom that will challenge their students. Students will find activities like designing structures to withstand beach erosion or analyzing different tree leaves fun and engaging.

3. Provide training and support

Teachers will feel comfortable teaching STEM activities if they have the training and support. Present customers with solutions that have professional development or lesson plans to make it easy for their schools to implement.

4. Bring in outside support

Provide districts with suggestions on STEM support in their area or online.

5. Get parents involved

Encourage districts to get parents involved with STEAM exploration at home so their children will be excited to explore in school.

To learn about our STEM solutions, contact your DSC account manager.

Source: eSchool News

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