The School Year is Ending, but Should Your Marketing?

With the school year ending, educators are entering the planning phase for next year. Educators are beginning to assess their needs and researching possible solutions for next year. Be sure to get in front of educators early to start building valuable relationships. Even though schools are closed, your marketing shouldn’t slow down.


Here is what you should do before the back-to-school season ramps up:

  • Keep emailing. Your email schedule may slow down, but periodically send helpful content to stay top-of-mind throughout the summer.
  • Create content. Develop valuable, brand-relevant content that can help build your pipeline in August.
  • Work on your website. Focus on SEO to strengthen your online presence to make sure your website shows up when educators are doing online research.
  • Stay social. Don’t take a break from social. Keep posting and sharing content throughout the summer.
  • Host webinars. Increase thought leadership through webinars focusing on general strategies, new methodologies, and research topics. Host webinars late May through June and start again in late July.

Stay top of mind and be sure you are providing decision makers with products their schools need for the upcoming school year. If you are unsure what products are hot, contact your DSC Account Manager. They’d love to help you out!

Source: Agile Education Marketing

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