Writing Effective Emails for Educators

Email marketing is a huge aspect of any business’ marketing because businesses can get their message across and easily track the results. The hardest part of email marketing is making sure you get your message across well so you readers engage. According to data from Agile Education Marketing, 40% of educators value email for communicating with education vendors about products and services. Here are five tips for writing effective emails.

  1. Write like you have something to share, not sell. Offer valuable information so you can gain educators’ trust early in the sales cycle. Don’t focus on trying to get educators to buy, but more on how the product is relevant to education. When it’s time to shift the focus to selling, talk about the key benefits of the product, the cost, and any evidence that the product is a success.
  2. Make messages quick and clear instead of cleaver and catchy. Keep emails short, simple, and straight forward. Since educators receive lots of emails daily, they won’t spend a lot of time reading them. Agile found that educators spend an average of 14-20 minutes reading emails daily. This means educators only spend a few seconds on each email.
  3. Personalize and perish. Educators are more likely to interact with your emails if it is clear that you understand their needs and challenges. Adding such personalization to emails will result in educators trusting you and being loyal to your brand.
  4. Design while you write. When writing email copy, think about how the designer might “chunk up” your message. Grab the reader’s attention with a powerful headline. If your headline isn’t impactful, the reader likely won’t continue reading. Your headline, short detail, and call to action should be visible when the educator opens the message. Below this, put a deeper description that is quick and easy to read. Make sure to repeat your call to action at the bottom of the email.
  5. Dedicate as much time to writing your subject line as you do writing your email. The subject line is the most important part of your email. If you don’t have an eye catching subject line, educators won’t open your email. Your subject line should only be 50 characters and 5-8 words max. Even though subject lines are short, you should spend extra time writing them.

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