Tips and Tricks: Conference Lead Nurturing

For everyone who has been to a conference, you know it isn’t cheap to attend. Whether or not you are exhibiting, there is still the costs for travel, food, and hotel stays. You also lose productivity due to travel time and being out of the office. Conferences can still provide a good return through the leads you receive.

In a survey, Agile found that 64% of administrators and 65% of teachers favor conferences as an information source. Educators attend conferences to learn about education products and services that can improve their instruction. It’s alarming that many conference exhibitors have no plans to follow up with leads after the event.

How to nurture your leads

  • Since educators value conferences, they are likely to attend the next conference you are exhibiting at. If possible, compare the registration list to your contact list and send out an email leading up to the conference.
  • Sort your leads into three groups: educators who came to your booth for a giveaway, educators who showed interest so you chatted about the benefits of your product, and educators who are very interested and are likely ready to buy.
  • When following up with leads who are possibly interested, focus your messaging on the customer instead of the product. Provide content such as blogs, infographics, and whitepapers to establish yourself as a thought leader so they begin to trust you.
  • Make sure your contacts don’t forget about you by sending a series of three or four emails a week or two apart.
Source: Agile Education Marketing

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