Tips and Tricks: Redesigning Classrooms

Collaboration is a buzz word that we will be talking more and more about because of the fundamental shift in the nature of work. Educators should consider these tips when redesigning their classrooms.

  1. Involve students in the design process
    • Educators should talk with students about where they like to learn and why.
  2. Think about student experiences, not furniture
    • Start with a few classrooms and measure the success
  3. Avoid groupthink by focusing solely on your space
    • Educators should cater their classroom to their needs – not all classrooms will look the same
  4. Make removing the front of the classroom priority
    • Instead of having an interactive display at the front of the classroom, implement a station layout where students can work together in groups
  5. Understand the meaning of space vocabulary
    • Flexibility: The space can be reshaped
    • Agile: The space can be reshaped quickly
    • Intentional: The space is designed to support the student learning experience
    • Adaptive: The space adapts to changes in the expectations of student learning experience
    • Technological: The space supports a variety of technologies
    • Interconnected: The physical and digital spaces for learning are connected
  6. Declutter the classroom and use invigorating colors
    • Remove wall hangings to eliminate distractions
  7. Ditch traditional teacher spaces
    • Teachers can free up space by eliminating filing cabinets and keeping files on the cloud

DSC will continue to share information about collaborative classrooms to keep you up-to-date on what’s changing. If you have any tips and tricks for redesigning classrooms from conversations you’ve had, share them in the comments below.

Source: EdTech Magazine

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