Collaborative Classrooms: What You Need to Know

We’ve all heard that education is shifting to prepare students for the workforce. So, what exactly is shifting in the classroom? Schools are starting to implement collaborative classrooms. This includes new furniture, classroom layouts, and curriculum that involved play and game learning and constructive group activities. Classrooms are no longer set up with desks and rows. Instead, layouts include table pods and teachers are using screen sharing technologies. These shifts are helping students develop communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills to prepare them for the workforce.


So why has there been a shift? Educators are realizing students need to develop skills that will help them excel in a work environment. Since people work in group and collaborative environments in their career, schools are incorporating these environments in the classroom. The collaborative classrooms are including flexible seating and tables with whiteboard surfaces. Classrooms are being set up to meet the needs of the student flow in the learning spaces. Educators are using a mix of technology, video production equipment, and desktop computers.

Through collaborative classrooms, teachers have seen an increase in math skills and students are more engaged in the lessons. What schools find most challenging is having the teachers implement the new style of teaching. Teachers who have been around awhile might have a hard time changing their mindset to allow students to take control of their learning. Some advice an educator in Florida gave us is that schools and districts need to focus on the vision of how the classroom should look when implementing collaborative classrooms. Districts shouldn’t be revolving the implication of collaborative classrooms around a product.

When your customers are developing a collaborative classroom, encourage them to maintain their vision and make sure the classroom is flexible so It can change with the job force. Today’s collaborative classroom will be much different than tomorrow’s classroom.

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