What Teachers Want from Digital Tools

In a recent survey by Teachers Know Best 3,100 K-12 teachers across the country identified the following as the most important considerations when evaluating digital tools for the classroom:

  1. Cost Effectiveness (48%)

Cost is always an issue for individual teachers and the schools they work in.  While many digital tools have free and paid tiers available, teachers are generally looking for affordable solutions that have full functionality.


  1. Saves Time and is Simple to Integrate (46%)

Teachers have a limited amount of time available, so it’s critical that products are easy to learn and put to use in the classroom.  As one teacher put it, “Digital products have to be designed so that the teacher does not have to spend hours and hours learning how to use them.”


  1. Tailors Tasks (38%)

Today, many teachers group students of similar abilities together for more targeted learning, as different students tend to learn at different paces.  Digital tools can be a perfect support for these personalized activities by differentiating content based on each student’s needs.


  1. Actionable Data on Student Progress (32%)

Many digital tools generate data about student performance, but for it to be actionable, that data needs to connect with other tools without requiring time consuming tasks like data entry.  Tools that allow teachers to share information about students as they collaborate and plan instruction are also important.


  1. Meets College and Career Ready Standards (27%)

As teachers adopt more sophisticated and challenging education standards, it’s important that the digital tools they use evolve with them.    Digital tools should aim to support critical thinking skills, while providing teachers flexibility to support specific standards and learning outcomes.


When pitching various digital learning tools to schools, it’s important for resellers to have an understanding of these core considerations to help recommend the best options.  To learn more, download the full report.

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Source: EdSurge& Teachers Know Best

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