50 Uses for iPads in the Classroom

Per Apple’s estimates, there are currently over 10 million iPad tablets in K-12 classrooms today. Teachers and students alike are increasingly exposed to this technology as adoption of the iOS platform spreads like wildfire in education. IDC Research, an independent research organization, credits Apple with a whopping 94% adoption rate in schools. The numbers don’t lie – when it comes to tablets in education, Apple is the obvious frontrunner.

The challenge for educators now is getting the most use out of these new tools, so that they can both improve the education experience and justify their schools’ investments. There are many ways to succeed in this area – one method is to maximize the utility and usability of iPads with mobile device accessories and peripherals. Case manufacturers like Gripcase and Big Grips are focused specifically on the education vertical, and make products that are designed for use in the classroom. Tools like the Swivl provide additional feature sets beyond the uses inherent to the mobile device, in this case allowing both teachers and students to record dynamic video content.

Teachers should be creative about classroom use for their iPads, thinking beyond the peripherals and accessories that can augment the device. With free tools available on the web and many useful applications builtin to the device, teachers can effectively complement their lessons on the cheap with their iPads. To help teachers get started down this path, Tech & Learning has a great free resource on “50 Ideas for iPads in the Classroom”.  We encourage you to check it out and pass it along to your customers. This article is a great conversation starter for mobile learning sales, and is a handy tool for resellers to initiate conversations as mobile learning continues to dominate the center stage in education.

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