DSC Launches Mobile Learning Ecosystem

This past Monday, December 2, 2013, DSC announced the launch of our mobile learning ecosystem to the press and industry at large. (See the press release here.) Our intent is to create a VAR-friendly mobile learning ecosystem that offers incremental sales opportunities for vendors and an integrated solutions portfolio for resellers, so that all of our partners can take advantage of the tech trends sweeping the education industry. For some background as to why we’ve sharpened our focus in this area, here are a few key facts:

  • In 2012, 40% of middle school students, 50% of high school students, and 62% of higher education students own a tablet or smartphone.
  • From 2011 to 2013, teachers’ use of tablet devices skyrocketed from 8% to 45%.
  • By June 2013, Apple stated that they had deployed approximately 10 million iPad® tablets into schools.
  • Per IDC Research, the iPad® commands 94% of the education market. This statistic combines K-12 and higher education, but is primarily composed of K-12 shipments.
  • Beyond Apple devices, Google has stated that their Chromebooks® are being used by approximately 22% of school districts nationwide.

The big picture here is that devices are flooding the marketplace, creating a host of new challenges for educators in terms of choosing the right device, providing device security, distributing content, managing devices en masse, accessorizing devices, and strengthening network infrastructure. Our goal is to help resellers guide their customers through this technology-driven evolution of educational methodology by ensuring that every logistical need is considered and solved. If your customers have a mobile learning project underway, think about the questions they might overlook:

  • Do you have cases to protect your individual devices?
  • How will you store your devices?
  • How will your devices be charged?
  • Do you have a data security solution?
  • How will content be managed and deployed to devices?
  • What input devices or peripherals will support your objectives and subject matter?
  • Is your network infrastructure ready for the new 802.11AC wireless standard?
  • Have you prepared your network for online assessments as a part of the new Common Core standards?

By asking these questions, you’ll position yourself as a mobile learning expert, and with our ecosystem, you’ll be equipped with a solution that meets each of these needs. To discuss mobile learning more in depth, contact your Account Manager today and get the strategic insight needed to align your customers’ mobile learning programs with our mobile learning solutions. You can also learn more about our mobile learning ecosystem at the mobile learning portal at www.dstewart.com.

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