Assistive Technology in K-12 Schools

Recently, Assistive Technology is getting coverage in the mainstream media, which is crucial for the growth of this up-and-coming field of education technology. We talk a lot about Mobile Learning at the VARConnection, and Assistive Tech is a critical component to this trend, and to tech-supported learning in general.

The aim of Assistive Tech in K-12 is to provide free and equivalent access to education, so that the playing field is level for students with special needs. As Matthew Lynch, Ed. D., recently pointed out in his guest column for the Huffington Post about Assistive Tech, the need for that level playing field is dire:

“In 2011, 22 percent of non-institutionalized adults with disabilities had less than a high school education.”

This is an alarming statistic that suggests a serious need for change. To learn more, read about the state of K-12 assistive technology here. To support students with special needs, The Douglas Stewart Company provides solutions in the following assistive technology categories.

Products in our Access category include input devices, headphones, and software solutions that provide equivalent access for students with disabilities, so they can engage with instruction at the same level and pace as their classmates.

Communication products make it easier for students with communication disabilities to express their thoughts and intentions to their classmates and instructors. These products facilitate easy interaction, as well as provide alternative communication systems such as  symbol alphabets.

Learning Solutions
Learning solutions include instructive software, teacher resources, and educational toys that add an element of entertainment and fun to the learning process, which helps to engage students with attention-related disabilities.

Mobile Solutions
Technology solutions such as smartphones and tablets are integral to Assistive Technology programs, as their flexibility provides a great variety of functions only available previously through an equivalent number of devices. Support the consolidation of resources in Assistive Tech Programs by offering our protective casers and mobile device management solutions.

To learn more about our Assistive Technology categories and to access sell sheets for our Assistive Technology vendors, visit the AT Portal at (Login required.)

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