A 1:1 Mobile Learning Win in Wisconsin

We were thrilled to see a recent highlight on www.techlearning.com of a successful and local 1:1 mobile learning implementation in the West Allis – West Milwaukee School District  of West Allis, Wisconsin. This success has been carried by the Next Generation Learning Community (NxGLC), the program developed by the school district to implement technology based on current trends and student voices. Stacey Lange, Academic Dean at Walker Elementary School in West Allis, Wisconsin, offers the following helpful tips for a successful 1:1 implementation:

Lessons we’ve learned

Implementing a successful mobile learning program isn’t easy. So, if I had to impart just four pieces of wisdom on my fellow educators, this would be it:

 1. Ongoing communication is key.
Talk to parents. Mobile technology is just as much (if not more) part of students’ lives when they are home. Talk to other educators. Learn from their struggles and successes.

2. Don’t try to do it all at once.
Work on implementing one piece of the puzzle at a time. And believe me, no one ever has all the answers. In our model, teachers and students are learning alongside each other.

3. Provide professional development.
Don’t expect your staff to be able to do “everything.” Help them along the way.

4. Talk to the students.
They know what works well with technology and what does not. Give them a voice to be heard.

– Stacey Lange, Academic Dean at Walker Elementary School in West Allis, Wisconsin

As a result of the 1:1 implementation, students are scoring significantly higher on standardized tests than their peers around the district. In the first year, NxGLC students scored 12 percent higher in reading and 13 percent higher in math. Second year students scored 34 percent higher in reading and 29 percent higher in math. These kinds of results speak for themselves, and are motivating educators across the country to create mobile learning initiatives of their own. Pass this information along to your customers if they are looking to learn more about mobile learning and the forces driving its implementation.

To serve your customers as they move to adopt mobile learning programs, visit the Mobile Learning portal at http://www.dstewart.com/mobile-learning.  Login and learn more about the mobile learning solutions and marketing collateral available through DSC and become an integral part of this exciting educational solution.

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