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Flipped Learning Technology

One of the most challenging aspects for teachers switching from a traditional classroom model to a flipped learning model is creating relevant, digestible content. Luckily, there is a wide variety of software, hardware, and additional resources available to educators that help make this transition smoother. Screencasting Screencasting tools are an extremely popular software category for … Continue reading

EdTech Bloggers to Follow in 2014

via Graphite Looking to keep an eye on technology in the classroom? Graphite (a member of Common Sense media) has assembled the following list of cutting-edge bloggers who have their fingers on the pulse of Education technology. Click below to check it out: Follow these thought leaders and stay up-to-date on the rapid changes that … Continue reading

The E-rate Filing Window is Now Open for 2014

E-rate is a critical program that helps schools get funding for their necessary purchases. The E-rate program provides discounts on certain services and products that are essential for classrooms and libraries to receive voice, video, and data communications. The amount of the discount depends on the level of poverty and location of the school or … Continue reading

CES 2014 Roundup

CES 2014 has officially come and gone, and the dust is now settling. We’ve been monitoring the coverage of the show and have rounded up some highlights to share with you. The big trends at CES this year were refinements of the trends we’ve been seeing in the past couple of years at CES – … Continue reading

50 Uses for iPads in the Classroom

Per Apple’s estimates, there are currently over 10 million iPad tablets in K-12 classrooms today. Teachers and students alike are increasingly exposed to this technology as adoption of the iOS platform spreads like wildfire in education. IDC Research, an independent research organization, credits Apple with a whopping 94% adoption rate in schools. The numbers don’t … Continue reading

DSC Launches Mobile Learning Ecosystem

This past Monday, December 2, 2013, DSC announced the launch of our mobile learning ecosystem to the press and industry at large. (See the press release here.) Our intent is to create a VAR-friendly mobile learning ecosystem that offers incremental sales opportunities for vendors and an integrated solutions portfolio for resellers, so that all of … Continue reading

Personalized Learning – Powered by Data

One of the most exciting concepts in the world of mobile learning is the idea of personalized education. Personalized learning is a widely (and variously) used term, but generally refers to providing students with an individualized educational experience, as opposed to following a one-size-fits-all lesson plan. Technology is a tremendous tool in realizing this goal, … Continue reading