How to Prepare for Your Next Educational Event [4 Tips for Educators]

Teacher and exhibitor talking at an educational conference.

When you write up your list of things to pack for your next educational event, follow these 3 educator tips to prepare for your next educational event to get the most out of your conference.

How to maximize your conference takeaways

1. Make your plan

Some of the best industry events for educators have multiple speakers, breakout learning sessions, and vendors that may pique your interest. To avoid getting overwhelmed and ensure you get what you need out of your conference, plan and make your agenda for can’t-miss activities.

2. Don’t overstretch yourself

Prioritize what your top goals are for your classroom and figure out which learning sessions will be the most useful to avoid stretching yourself too thin. Going as a group? Delegate different sessions to different colleagues to cover more ground and gain more insights. Not going with a group? Talk with fellow educators to gather highlights from sessions you were unable to attend.

3. Leave time to explore

When planning your event agenda, consider leaving some extra free spots in your schedule to decompress after sessions, talk with fellow attendees, or spend a little more time at the exhibit hall where you can explore educational solutions. Consider scoping out attending vendors ahead of time to prioritize those tables first, but after that, why not explore? You may just discover a new way to enhance the student experience.

4. Network

Attend pre-conference or breakout networking events to make valuable connections. Fellow educators understand your pain points. Take time to find out what others have done to solve similar challenges, and compare notes and thoughts on the latest edtech – you may come away with some teacher-tested solutions that your students will love.

Do you have a tip to add? Please share with us!

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