K-12 Assistive Tech Highlight: IPEVO Document Cameras

Assistive technology eliminates unnecessary hurdles for students with disabilities and improves their learning experiences and outcomes. Document cameras are one powerful tool that can bring learning materials front and center and in focus to improve educational outcomes in special education classrooms. Today we’re highlighting IPEVO document cameras because IPEVO watches how teachers use document cameras and then designs their cameras with all the functionality needed and in a user-friendly and economical design that boosts accessibility.

Visuals and learning aids bring learning up close

Visual and focus supports, including digital whiteboards and document cameras, are popular tools that expand education equity for special education students. IPEVO document cameras offer special education teachers similar whiteboard features, but with the added benefit of portability. With IPEVO apps, teachers can display images captured by the camera onto a tablet and then annotate the image like a virtual whiteboard in real-time. Document cameras also magnify content, making it easier for students with visual or learning disabilities to see and connect with lessons. IPEVO document cameras come with free and paid apps that expand accessibility and what teachers can do in their classrooms to make lessons memorable and interactive.

Accessibility apps expand education equity

Document cameras can be more than visual learning tools. IPEVO’s accessibility app provides keyboard accessibility, reading aids, voice-over support, and a text-to-speech converter that can benefit students with various assistive tech needs. Learn more about IPEVO’s accessibility software by clicking here.

Flexibility lets teachers adapt

The best assistive technology for a classroom will be the one that easily blends with a teacher’s teaching style. IPEVO designs its document cameras for teachers based on how they observe teachers using document cameras in the classroom, making them easy to use to create lessons that are both accessible and interactive. This interactivity makes IPEVO document cameras a versatile solution for not only special education teachers, but for any teacher looking to make lessons more collaborative. Want to boost education equity with a document camera built for education? Click here to shop IPEVO document cameras.





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