[Infographic] U.S. Department of Education’s Vision to Promote Education Equity

When Secretary of Education Cardona laid out his vision for pandemic learning recovery, he included plans to improve the U.S. education system and reduce education inequality. Here are the 4 key action areas the U.S. Department of Education vowed to address in 2022 and beyond and a few of the ways schools can support these efforts

K-12 infographic transcript

1. Support students through pandemic response and recovery

  • Use evidenced based practices to accelerate learning, including tutoring and extending school days
  • Boost access to SEL and mental health counseling
  • Promote and encourage each student to participate in at least one extracurricular

2.  Address educational opportunity and achievement gaps

  • Increase educational opportunity by providing more funding for Title I schools and special education
  • Invest in teacher recruitment and professional development, supporting special education. bilingualism, and workplace diversity
  • Provide free, universal pre-K and affordable daycare

3. Make higher education more inclusive and affordable

  • Provide targeted student loan relief
  • Create a strong Gainful Employment Rule
  • Provide loan repayment options for diverse economic circumstances

4. Ensure higher education leads to successful careers

  • Invest in career preparation programs that prepare students for in-demand jobs
  • Develop grant programs for career changers to pursue higher education or technical education programs no matter their age




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