Meet a few of our favorite Native American Scientists

Throughout November on Twitter, we celebrated National Native American Heritage Month by sharing spotlight-worthy accomplishments from the following Native American Scientists. Don’t miss out on learning their stories!

You can also follow and be a part of the growing conversation on STEM diversity by following such has tags, including #STEMdiversity #IAmAnEngineer #hiddenfigures.

Meet a NASA Hidden Figure

Old black and white photo of Mary Golda Ross in a fur coat and 1930’s style cap covering short hair.

Mary Golda Ross is the first known Native American female engineer. She put her math and engineering skills to work at NASA and helped launch the Apollo mission. Read a short bio here:

Meet John Harrington

Photo of Harrington in space suit and holding his space helmet while smiling.

Herrington was the first Native American in space. Find out what John brought on his 13-day trip in space to honor his Chickasaw heritage here.

Meet T. David Petite

Cartoon caricature of Petite behind image of a map with roads and rivers to emphasize the wireless grid.

What would you do without your cell? Thank Petite for helping make your daily life easier. Petite is the founder of the Native American Inventors Association and an innovator of wireless networking tech. Learn how he went from rock-bottom  to inventor to youth mentor—inspiring the next generation of inventors. Read his short bio here.

Give a Shoutout to this Youth Climate Activist

Image of Bastida smiling and wearing a white dress and a white shawl with black strips,

If you know who Greta Thunberg is, you should know Xiye Bastida, a rising young climate activist from Mexico who brings Native perspectives to the climate movement. While she is not a scientist, Bastida is putting scientific research into action. She’s another example of how youth can take a stand on issues that matter to them now. Read about her fight against climate change and follow her on Twitter at @xiyebastida.

We’d love to hear from you! Who do you find most inspiring? Share in the comments below.

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