Offering Esports in Extracurriculars

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

Esports clearly benefit students, but they also benefit schools as well. K-12 schools with Esport extracurriculars have an opportunity to reach students who may be overlooked because they do not have an interest in sports or arts. These students can become involved in school doing what they love which boosts their overall interest and engagement in school. Esports provide new ways for schools to attract, retain, and engage their students.

There are also monetary benefits for schools that host Esports because of the growth of the industry. Insider Intelligence estimates that there will be 26.6 million monthly Esport viewers in the US this year which is up 11.4% from last year. It is projected that revenue from Esports will hit $1.8 billion by 2022, the majority of revenue coming from sponsorships and advertising. Esports are continuing to grow in popularity and reach and all projections are showing positive growth. There are advertising and endorsement dollars that benefit schools, similar to other professional sports.

At this rapid growth pace, Esports are quickly creating a new industry which creates a variety of new programs, degrees, skill sets, and jobs. A few universities are even beginning to offer Esports degrees, often as part of a business major. Delane Parnell, Founder and CEO at PlayVS, notes “there are more high school gamers than athletes, it’s about time we foster this pastime in an educational setting.”

Ready Player One?

The changing marketplace opens career possibilities. Offering Esports in extracurriculars or even curriculum gives kids first-hand experience in an evolving industry that supports not only traditional career roles in media, development, and programming but also support roles, including event planning and marketing. There are a variety of tools to create an Esports program. One of the biggest considerations is managing internet access and essential equipment, especially if working in a remote or hybrid situation. Using video game streaming technology can keep a program running smoothly no matter the learning environment, so it’s important to not only find the right gaming furniture, consoles, controllers, and monitors, but also the right microphones, webcams, green screens, and more for a flexible Esports program.

Not sure where to get started? Here are a few brands that make Esports gear:

Logitech – Logitech has high-quality, innovative gaming supplies to outfit your Esports extracurriculars. Browse wireless charging systems, gamepads, headsets, mouse pads, and keyboards.

Dell – Dell offers high-end, yet affordable gaming laptops with premium onsite warranty and accidental damage coverage, making it the perfect addition to your school.

Arozzi – Your students will enjoy ultimate comfort and ease with Arozzi’s sleek gaming chairs. Arozzi also sells other gaming necessities such as mouse pads, floor mats, and green screens.

Turtle Beach – Turtle Beach gaming headsets are built for performance, bringing powerful sound and high-sensitivity flip-to-mute mics. Their headsets are lightweight, comfortable, but powerful.

JBL – JBL’s gaming headsets are equipped with Quantum Surround Sound Signature and are compatible with all platforms.


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