5 Tips for Effective Team Bonding in Immersive Worlds

Recently our team had a week long team bonding workshop in our DStewart EDU Campus powered by Virbela. We had so much fun really diving in to the possibilites of our virtual world as a team, and wanted to share our top 5 tips with you.

  1. Set the tone
    1. Before your team enters the world, let them know what you are hoping they will get out of the experience, what you your plans for the event are, and the feeling your are hoping you’ll all walk away with. Let them know how you’ll handle technical difficulties, and that any awkwardness they may feel when they first jump into the world will pass with time. Setting the tone and expectations of your meeting will help you get started on the right foot.  
  • Make goals together
    • Setting goals for what you will accomplish as a team helps ensure everyone is included, and encourages collaboration
  • Prioritize team work
    • When selecting activities to do in the world, be sure to choose a variety of tasks that let every team member shine, but also encourage them to work together. If you are splitting in to small groups, try to mix up your team into groups they may not typically have the chance to interact with.
    • Our team had a laser light show mid meeting!
  • Leave room for laughter
    • Just like with any team bonding experience, leaving room for laughter and exploration is the key to a successful event. Whether it is laughing through a technical difficulty, or making room for inside jokes and funny moments, taking that extra space makes all the difference.
  • Set them up for success
    • Remember that virtual world experiences are going to be different than in person events. It’s important to make sure your team has time to get comfortable being in your online world and embrace the strengths of your virtual campus.

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